Bishop Pates - all Church services, beginning with weekend Masses, daily Mass, Stations of the Cross, etc., in the parishes and institutions in the Diocese of Joliet will discontinue immediately. The ceremonies of Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday Celebration on April 4th through Easter are canceled in the parishes and institutions of the Diocese of Joliet
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Family Living

March 2020

Mar 30

Resurrection: A Life-changing Experience

by Lorene Hanley Duquin Remember the joy you felt when your children were born? The resurgence of love when you make up with your spouse after an argument? The taste of chocolate on Easter Sunday after you’ve given it up for Lent? Maybe you’ve experienced that invigorating feeling of good health after recovering from an illness. Or...
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Mar 23

OMG! Praying in Many Forms

By Cathy Donovan Our oldest child is 17 and ready to spread her wings. On one particular evening she and I were discussing her curfew. She wanted it extended; I thought it was fine just where it was. Aggravated, she left the room rolling her eyes and exclaiming, “OH MY GOD!” I responded by saying that I was glad to see she was still...
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Mar 16

Joy in a time of penance

by Cory Busse St. Patrick’s Day falls smack in the middle of Lent this year. It sticks out like a sore, green thumb in the middle of a sober liturgical period. As a lifelong Catholic — and a lifelong Irishman — I struggle with squaring my prayer, repentance, almsgiving and self-denial with a holiday (one of my favorites) whose...
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Mar 9

Teaching kids about forgiveness

by Lorene Hanley Duquin As much as we want to believe that our kids are perfect, we know that they are going to make mistakes. They are going to say and do things that hurt other people. They are going to have to learn how to ask for forgiveness. But that’s not all. Our kids are going to be in situations where they are hurt by things that...
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Mar 2

Teaching Your Child the Value of Obedience with the Help of Your Catholic Faith

by Lorene Hanley Duquin Obedience is not something that comes naturally to children. From the first time your toddler screams no, throughout the everyday challenges of childhood, and into the tensions of the teenage years, parents have the responsibility of instilling into their children the virtue of obedience. The technique you use to do this...
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