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March 2021

Mar 7

March 7, 2021

Jn 2:13-25 Jesus is angered by the misuse of his “Father’s house” and chases the money changers away. In so doing, he speaks about the temple being destroyed and raised up in three days. Jesus’ words and actions are better understood by John’s community through the lens of the Resurrection. Rather than taking his...
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Mar 6

March 6, 2021

Lk 15:1-3, 11-32 Jesus’ association with sinners angers the Pharisees. It is in that context that Jesus tells the beautiful story about love and forgiveness. Though it focuses on the one son’s bad behavior and the other’s jealously, it is the father’s unwavering and extravagant love that is at the heart of the story. I...
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Mar 5

March 5, 2021

Mt 21:33-43, 45-46 In today’s readings, we see a parallel between Joseph and Jesus and Joseph’s brothers, the tenants and the Jewish leaders. Within the story line of the parable though it was hoped, even expected that the son would not be rejected like the servants, he is. In the same way, like the prophets before him, Jesus is...
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Mar 4

March 4, 2021

Lk 16:19-31 The rich man has an opportunity to offer compassion and to care for Lazarus. However, his selfishness results in a reversal of fortune at his death and beyond. While Lazarus flourishes, the rich man suffers greatly. Selflessness and generosity are rewarded in heaven. I have missed many opportunities to step outside myself and care...
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Mar 3

March 3, 2021

Mt 20:17-28 The Gospel begins with the third and most detailed prediction of Jesus’ passion. The disciple’s reaction to the demand of the ambitious mother of James and John is disconcerting. Nonetheless, Jesus’ response is clear. Though they will one day understand, in this moment they have no idea what is ahead for Jesus and...
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Mar 2

March 2, 2021

Mt 23:1-12 Jesus denounces the scribes and Pharisees throughout this chapter in Matthew’s Gospel. He tells his disciples and those gathered to observe how they flaunt their piety and seek undeserved places of honor. The burdens they put upon the people are difficult if not impossible to manage. They do not practice what they preach. I pray...
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Mar 1

March 1, 2021

Lk 6:36-38 We hear about God’s mercy and compassion throughout the readings today. Humanity has sinned against God from the beginning of time, but God reassures those who come to him contrite and ashamed. It is because of that God asks us to do the same, to be just, merciful and willing to forgive one another.  It’s a lot easier...
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Daily Reading and Prayer

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