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Real Listening

Faith Focus for the Week          
What have I learned (or might I learn) from the Mystery of Most Holy Trinity – One God in three divine persons Father, Son, Holy Spirit - about rooting relationships in love and self-giving?

In our world of virtual technology, it is increasingly important to keep relationships real. This means fostering skills such as listening, conversation and observation. These skills are essential for understanding one another and for building empathy.

 Try the following to sharpen your reflective listening skills:

  • Set a timer for two minutes.
  • Have a friend or member of the family talk about herself or himself without stopping while you/everyone else listens.
  • When the time is up, describe in your own words what you heard the individual say. In a family, take turns (starting with the youngest participant) reciting what was heard. (Parents, this is a good way to gauge what might be important to your child.)
  • Ask the person to confirm how your summary matches what she or he hoped to communicate or clarify anything important that is inaccurate or left out.
  • Repeat this process as often as needed so each person feels heard and understood.

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