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June 2017

Jun 30

June 30, 2017

Matthew 8:1-4   Matthew shows Jesus is a master teacher in the Sermon on the Mount. Now he illustrates Jesus’ power as healer and wonder-worker. In the first of the nine miracle stories, the leper approaches Jesus. He addresses him as Lord, indicative of Jesus’ authority and of the leper’s faith. Prayer: Merciful God, you...
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Jun 29

June 29, 2017

Matthew 16:13-19   Jesus’ first asks what people are saying about him. Then he directs a question to the disciples asking for their assessment about who he is. Peter, the spokesperson, confesses his faith that Jesus is the Messiah.   Prayer: Good Shepherd, you know how much I love you and, no matter my faults and failings, you...
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Jun 28

June 28, 2017

Matthew 7:15-20   Jesus cautions his disciples about those who seem to have good intentions. Is there genuine truth and integrity in what they say and do? He tells the disciples to be prudent and look carefully at the effects of their work, a good indicator of their character.   Prayer: Holy Spirit, I pray for the continued growth of...
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Jun 27

June 27, 2017

Matthew 7:6, 12-14 This Gospel passage begins with Jesus’ words about those who oppose the Gospel. He goes on to say that the “golden rule” summarizes Old Testament tradition then concludes with reference to the “two ways” — one that leads to life, the other to destruction. Not everyone chooses the way to...
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Jun 26

June 26, 2017

Matthew 7:1-5 Jesus tells his followers to let God be the judge. Focusing on others’ faults stands in the way of seeing their own. As disciples, they do have the responsibility to correct and challenge others gone astray, but they must first acknowledge their own sin. Prayer: When I stand in judgment of others, I lose sight of the good in...
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Jun 25

June 25, 2017

Matthew 10:26-33 Three times Jesus tells his disciples not to fear what might cause them to abandon the mission. The disciples must boldly proclaim the kingdom of God, confident in his love for them. Though their opponents may kill the disciples’ bodies, they cannot harm their souls.   Prayer: I pray this day for those throughout the...
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Jun 24

June 24, 2017

Luke 1:57-66, 80 On the day of John’s circumcision, Zechariah regains his ability to speak once he confirms the name, designated by the angel, of his son. At this, Zechariah opens his mouth and prays aloud a hymn of praise. Those who witness these events are amazed and wonder who this child will one day be.   Prayer: You loved and...
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Daily Reading and Prayer

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